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Stale Bread and Miracles - Jan Fortune - Cinnamon PressCharting a path through the campaign for women’ s ordination. Stale Bread & Miracles unfolds into a story that is heart- breaking and hopeful. An unflinching meditation on the dehumanising power of the institution and the humane tenacity to re- invent life. Told in language that combines the rhythm and lyricism of poetry with the narrative minimalism of pared down prose. Stale Bread & Miracles eBook by Jan Fortune. Jan Fortune’ s novelised sequence of prose poems reveal the essence of an institutionalised world that is outwardly safe. Yet constantly on the edge of danger. Subtle wit at work in this finely written and highly innovative exposé of ecclesiastical power turned inwards against itself. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

Stale Bread & Miracles eBook por Jan Fortune. Crew - Cinnamon PressJan Fortune Publisher. Fiction & Poetry Editor jan. Jan has been a teacher. Feminist theologian. Priest and charity director. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

She’ s tutored creative writing courses across Europe and her books include the novels This Is the End of the Story and A Remedy for All Things. Stale Bread & Miracles and Slate Voices. A Remedy for All Things - Jan Fortune - Cinnamon PressJan Fortune was born in Middlesbrough and read theology at Cambridge. She completed a doctorate in feminist theology and has worked as a teacher. Ordained at the first ordination of women to the CofE. And charity director. She is the founding editor of Cinnamon Press and has edited around 300 books. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

Led numerous creative writing courses in the UK. Spain and France. And mentored writers who have gone on to publication. Her previous publications include non- fiction titles in. List of the first 32 women ordained as Church of England. Jan Fortune- Wood. Stale Bread and Miracles. A Collection of micro fiction stories on the selection to the diaconate work as a woman priest. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

Archived from the original on; A suitable job for a woman. BBC; External links. Poetry - Cinnamon Press£ 11. 99 each Slate Voices. Cwmorthin & The Islands of Netherlorn - Mavis Gulliver & Jan Fortune Add to cart £ 8. 99 each A Place to Pay Attention - Bonnie Thurston. Revive a Stale Baguette Using the Miraculous Water Trick. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

But this water- soaking method works really well. And I tried it with three different stale loaves of bread. The most stale loaf. The one pictured here. Was also the one that was already cut and over two days old. So I know this method works. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

And it& 39; s a game- changer. You can check out the original tip here. Run Your Stale Bread Under Running Water. Don& 39; t be shy here. Put your water on full- force and get the crust completely wet. If you are reviving a cut baguette. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

Can God’ s Providence Answer Our Prayers Without Miracles. “ How did the rain come. If it had come without the cloud. That would have been a miracle. From over the desert. The clouds came up from the sea. As every rain cloud does. The wind blew it eastward. Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

And when it came in contact with cooler volumes of air. Its vapor was condensed. And the rain fell. It came just as any other rain comes. It came in answer to prayer” Stale Bread & Miracles - Jan Fortune

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