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Memoirs of Cubism. And Surrealism by. Philippe Soupault was a French writer and poet. And political activist. He took an active role in the Dadaist movement and later founded the Surrealist movement with André Breton. Soupault founded the periodical Littérature together with the writers Breton and Louis Aragon in Paris 1919. Dates the beginnings of Surrealism. The first book of automatic writing. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

Philippe Soupault. The gentlest of renegades. The most tender of the French avant- garde poets. The co- author of the first literary work of automatic writing. The Magnetic Fields. Philippe Soupault was a central figure in both the Dada and Surrealist movements but throughout his long life walked under no banner except the one of artistic freedom. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

In this previously untranslated book. He gives us a collection of richly remembered portraits of some of his best- loved friends from the old days of the new. And Surrealism – Philippe Soupault. “ Lost Profiles. And Surrealism is a diminutive. Stylish book that kicks off by appreciatively documenting a curiously seedy period of transition within the anti- rationalist French avant- garde. From Dada to Surrealism. LOST PROFILES by Philippe Soupault. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

First published in 1963. This charming collection of reminiscences by surrealist poet Philippe Soupaultoffers warm. Appreciative profiles of some of his famous contemporaries. Framed by an introduction by Mark Polizzotti. Who interviewed Soupault as part of his research about Breton. And an afterword by poet Ron Padgett. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

Who met the author in 1975. The volume includes pieces on writers whom Soupault knew well. Including Guillaume Apollinaire. With an afterword by Ron Padgett recounting his meeting with Soupault in the mid 70& 39; s and a preface by Breton biographer Mark Polizzotti. Lost Profiles confirms Soupault& 39; s place in the vanguard of twentieth- century literature. He gives us a collection of richly remembered. Philippe Soupault& 39; s Lost Profiles Reviewed at. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

We have Philippe Soupault. And Joseph Nechvatal at Hyperallergic to thank for setting the record straight on Surrealism as it rose to prominence as a leading movement of. Poetry Foundation. A key poet of Parisian modernism. Philippe Soupaultserved in the French army during WWI and subsequently joined the antirationalist Dada movement under the leadership of Tristan Tzara. With friends André Breton and Louis Aragon. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

Soupault co- founded the Dada journal Littérature. Soupault collaborated with. And Surrealism Paperback – Octo. By Philippe Soupault. › Visit Amazon& 39; s Ron Padgett Page. Find all the books. Read about the author. MASSACHUSETTS REVIEWS. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

New Translations of Lost Profiles. Translated by Alan Bernheimer. Translated by Norma Cole. Accumulation and declamation. Les memes as no more than memes. As the late twentieth. A Parisian Dada Salon. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

Mechanics& 39; InstituteLost Profiles. And Surrealism by Philippe Soupault. A classic since its 1962 publication. Lost Profiles introduces readers to a variety of literary lions. We meet an elegant Marcel Proust. An exhausted James Joyce. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

And an enigmatic Apollinaire. Surrealist precursors like Pierre Reverdy and Blaise Cendrars. And surrealist René Crevel. Lost Profiles - Philippe Soupault

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