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Willa Cather Foundation - Red. By Susan RosowskiUniversity of Nebraska Press HardbackVolume 2 of Cather Studies demonstrates the range of topics and approaches in contemporary discussions of Willa Cather& 39; s work for the informed reader or the specialized student. This volume includes major essays on Cather& 39; s response to the cultural pessimism of Oswald Spengler. Her affinities to Alphonse Daudet. Cather Studies Volume 2. Willa Cather ArchiveVolume 2 Cather Studies by EDITED BY SUSAN J. ROSOWSKI UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS LINCOLN & LONDON © 1993 by the University of Nebraska Press All rights reserved Manufactured in the United States of America. Willa Cather ArchiveAfter Atkins dies of a snake bite. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

Father Duchene spends a week on the mesa with Outland and Blake to study their work and to offer advice about the significance of their findings. Duchene sum up the results of his week& 39; s study in a tentative portrait of the. Who produced the pottery. And tools uncovered by Outland and Blake. Twenty years among the Pueblo Indians permit Duchene to speak with some authority. And his description of the cliff settlement points to two. Willa Cather ArchiveAccording to Edith Lewis. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

Cather& 39; s longtime friend. Cather immersed herself in memory- life during the writing of A Lost Lady. Twelve years before Lucy Gayheart. She was very much preoccupied with the past out of which her story sprang. Surrendering herself to memories. Submerged in her consciousness; letting them come to the surface. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

And relate themselves to the theme. Cather& 39; s practice evokes the layered congeries of memories. Willa Cather ArchiveThe centennial two- volume Library of America edition of Parkman& 39; s France and England in North America. Completed in 1893. Is invaluable for the Cather scholar. Because in it the footnotes that interested Cather are printed at the bottom of the page. In addition the chapter subtitles are supplied in the table of contents so that one can easily spot those names that reappear in Cather& 39; s novel- for example. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

Fathers Lalemont and Jogues. The Intendant Champigny. Or the Carignan- Salieres regiment. Willa Cather ArchiveWhat makes Randall& 39; s piece particularly relevant to this study of the novel is his mention of Cather& 39; s theory of history. Which he sums up as follows. The same thing is happening to European and American civilization that happened to the civilization of the cliff dwellers; both were fated to be destroyed by barbarian hordes. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

She believes that the peaceful and creative peoples of the earth are invariably annihilated by the brutal vulgarity of the destructive. Willa Cather ArchiveMost studies of Cather emphasize her preference for past ways of life and her resentment of change. It is her conscious ambivalence that should be emphasized. Her visceral preference for old ways against her knowledge that change is inevitable. Her attraction to philosophic vitalism would have strengthened this double vision. Willa Cather and the Arts on JSTORCather was a multifaceted cultural critic. Immersing herself in the arts. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

Theater and opera. Craft production. Willa Cather and the Arts shows that Cather repeatedly engaged with multiple forms of art. And that even when writing about the past she was often addressing contemporary questions. The essays in this volume are informed by new modes of contextualization. Including the increasingly popular view of Cather as a pivotal or transitional figure working. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

Willa Cather ArchiveCather Studies. Cather Studies is a biennial forum for Cather scholarship and criticism sponsored by the University of Nebraska– Lincoln in cooperation with the Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial and Educational Foundation and published by the University of Nebraska Press. It includes articles on all aspects of Cather studies. Various critical approaches to the art of Cather. Her literary relationships and reputation. Volume 2 Issue 2. Transgender Studies Quarterly. Cather Studies, Volume 2 - Cather Studies

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