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Hurst Publishers‘ Riva Kastoryano shows that the challenge of burying jihadis. Which might seem incidental or a purely legal question. Is in fact a profoundly political one. Her analysis sheds new light on the links between the nation- state and globalisation. Of which terrorism is simply one product among many. ’ — La Vie des idées. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano; Cynthia Schoch - Oxford. Burying Jihadis Bodies Between State. And Identity Riva Kastoryano and Translated by Cynthia Schoch. New thinking on the practical and ethical quandaries of dealing with Islamist- inspired suicide attackers& 39; corpses; The author interviews officials. Religious and local leaders and jihadists& 39; families. Both in their countries of origin and in the target nations ; An illuminating. Bodies Between State. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

Oxford University Press. The past couple of years have seen debates surrounding the relationship between identity and sovereignty reignited. As illustrated by the resurgence of nationalist politics around the globe. And especially in the. SciencesPo SPIRE. Riva Kastoryano offers a window onto this challenging predicament through the responses of the American. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

British and French governments after the Al- Qaeda suicide attacks in New York. Madrid and London. And Islamic State’ s attacks on Paris in. Interviewing officials. Religious and local leaders and jihadists’ families. And Identity Bodies Between State. By Riva Kastoryano. What should states do with the bodies of suicide bombers and other jihadists who die while perpetrating terrorist attacks. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

This original and unsettling book explores the host of ethical and political questions raised by this dilemma. And Identity Riva Kastoryano. Engels € 38, 45 + 76 punten. Levertermijn 3 à 5 werkdagen. Eenvoudig bestellen. Gratis thuislevering vanaf € 25. Gratis levering in je Standaard Boekhandel. Haal af binnen de 5 werkdagen nadat je bestelling klaarligt. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

New thinking on the practical and. Sciences Po CERIRiva Kastoryano Emeritus Senior Researcher. Multiculturalism and interculturalism. Redefining nationhood and solidarity. Article dans une revue avec comité de lecture. Negotiating Territoriality and Nationalism. Chapitre d’ ouvrage. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

Transnational Politics of Integration and an. Non- legitimization of the. Author Riva Kastoryano. Each month we recycle over 2. Saving over 12, 500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. Sciences Po CERIRiva Kastoryano a obtenu son doctorat en sociologie à l’ Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales et son habilitation à diriger des recherches à Sciences Po. Elle a été lecturer à Harvard de 1984 à 1987. Departement of Social Studies. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

Et fellow à l’ Institute for Advanced Studies de Princeton en 1997. Au Wissenschaftskolleg de Berlin en 1998. À Radcliffe Institute de l. Burying Jihadis - Riva Kastoryano

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