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We did not find results for. - Premodern of China Soviet Studies. Check spelling or type a new query. We did not find results for. Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these. Soviet studies of premodern China. Assessments of recent. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

Assessments of recent scholarship Item Preview. Soviet Studies of Premodern China - University of MichiganSoviet Studies of Premodern China is an important source of secondary scholarship to American and European Sinologists. Gilbert Rozman is the Emeritus Musgrave Professor of Sociology at Princeton University and the editor- in- chief of the Asian Forum. On- line journal on international relations in the Indo- Pacific region. Galism in the Political History of China. Soviet Studies of Premodern China. Assessments of Recent Scholarship. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

Edited by GILBERT ROZMAN. University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies. Michigan Monographs in Chinese Studies. Index of Soviet Specialists on China. Premodern China - East Asian Studies - Research Guides at. Also from Academia Sinica. This is one of the largest full- text databases for the study of pre- modern China. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

Including about 500 multi- volume histories. Such as Ming Shi Lu. Contact the East Asian Studies librarian for logon instructions and or a user guide. Assessments of recent scholarship. Editor フォーマット. 英語 出版情報. Center For Chinese Studies. University of Michigan. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

; 24 cm 著者名. DAシリーズ名. Heterodox Sects in Premodern China - Chinese Studies. New religious movements and networks in traditional China were seen as heterodox and potentially rebellious. A broad range of religious and magical phenomena was collectively labeled with the term White Lotus Teachings since the mid- 16th century. Though they were often very different in nature. Anything that was given this name was then deemed to be equal to a dangerous heterodox sect. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

The same stereotyped fears that led the traditional state to prohibit and often persecute. The Marketing System in Pre- Modern China - Chinese Studies. One of the key implications that has emerged from this research is that despite the presence of an autocratic state. Markets were functioning relatively well in China in the premodern period. More recently researchers are starting also to come to a better understanding of China’ s role in the world economy in history. More controversially. The impact of Western imperialism on China’ s integration with global markets from the 19th century to today. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

Chinese historiography - WikipediaSoviet Studies of Premodern China. American Studies of Contemporary China. Ku Chieh- Kang and China& 39; s New History. Nationalism and the Quest for Alternative Traditions. U of California Press. Taking China out of Premodern Global History. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

‘ China’ is a problematical concept for the premodern period because the name unavoidably invokes the fixity of a modern nation- state that maps poorly onto the various and ever changing political formations of earlier centuries. World history has compounded this teleological usage by largely succumbing to seductively competitive comparisons between ‘ China’ and ‘ Western Europe’. May offer solutions for how to address the premodern era without reliance on. Soviet Studies of Premodern China -

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