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Chloroplast Biotechnology Book Subtitle Methods and Protocols Editors. Pal Maliga; Series Title Methods in Molecular Biology Series Volume 1132 Copyright. Publisher Humana Press Copyright Holder Springer Science+ Business Media New York Distribution Rights Distribution rights for India. Delhi Book Store. India eBook ISBNDOI. Chloroplast Biotechnology. SpringerLinkBook Title Chloroplast Biotechnology; Book Subtitle Methods and Protocols; Editors Pal Maliga; Series Title Methods in Molecular Biology; Series Abbreviated Title Methods Molecular Biology; DOI https. ; Copyright Information Springer Science+ Business Media. Chloroplast Biotechnology - Pal Maliga

Part of Springer Nature ; Publisher Name Humana. Waksman Institute of MicrobiologyPal Maliga is Distinguished Professor of Plant Biology at Rutgers University. He obtained an MS degree at Eötvös Loránd University. In Budapest and a PhD at József Attila University. Since at Rutgers his research group developed methods for the stable transformation of land plant chloroplast genomes. Chloroplast genome engineering in higher plants has led to an explosion of research concerning the chloroplast genome’ s role in photosynthesis. Chloroplast Biotechnology - Pal Maliga

‪ Pal Maliga‬ - ‪ Google Scholar‬ Amplification of a chimeric Bacillus gene in chloroplasts leads to an extraordinary level of an insecticidal protein in tobacco. Bio technology 13. Methods and Protocols by. Methods and Prools. Expert researchers in the field detail many of the methods which are now commonly used in chloroplast molecular biology. Chapters focus on essential background information. Applications in tobacco and prools for plastid transformation in crops and Chlamydomonas and Bryophytes. Chloroplast Biotechnology - Pal Maliga

Written in the highly successful. Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular BiologyMaliga. The chloroplast transformation toolbox. Selectable markers. Pal Maliga and Tarinee Tungsuchat- Huang. Plastid Transformation in Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana sylvestris by Biolistic DNA Delivery to Leaves. Chloroplast Biotechnology - Pal Maliga

Efficient Plastid Transformation in Arabidopsis. Pal Maliga a Waksman Institute of Microbiology. The State University of New Jersey. New Jersey 08854 c Department of Plant Biology and Pathology. Chloroplast Biotechnology - Pal Maliga

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