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Vera Mikhailovna Podobina. Vera Mikhailovna Podobina. Russian micropaleontologist. Named Academician of Russian Academy Nature Science. Russian Academy Higher Education. Order of Friendship. Member Russian Academy of Sciences. Russian Paleontological Society. Mikropaleontologiya - Podobina Vera

Mikropaleontologiya. Kseneva Tat& 39; yana. Skip to main content. Hello Select your address All Hello. Account & Lists Returns & Orders. Best Sellers Customer Service New. Mikropaleontologiya by Kseneva Tat& 39; yana. Mikropaleontologiya - Podobina Vera

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Mikropaleontologiya by Kseneva Tat& 39; yana. At the best online prices at eBay. Abstract - The Micropalaeontological Societylower and middle layers. Of Western Siberia. ; Podobina & Kseneva. The author believes that on the basis of the finds of peculiar foraminifera and mollusks. The lower and middle layers of the Slavgorodskian Suite of the same hori- zon are related to the Santonian stage. Mikropaleontologiya - Podobina Vera

Kseneva Tat& 39; yanaBooks - Amazon. Wall composition and evolution of the. PODOBINA and GENNADII M. TATYANIN Department of Paleontology and Historical Geology. Tomsk State University. Russia ABSTRACT Agglutinated quartz- siliceous foraminifera predominate within the West Siberian province in the Upper Jurassic. Cretaceous and Palaeogene. A notable increase in the representatives of the. Mikropaleontologiya - Podobina Vera

Palaeogene agglutinated foraminifera of the West Siberian. PODOBINA Department of Paleontology and Historical Geology. Russia ABSTRACT A comparison has been made between West Siberian and Arctic Canadian microfossil assemblages. Of quartz- siliceous agglutinated foraminifera from the Talitsky and Lyulinvorsky. Seventh Micropalaeontological WorkshopVera M. PODOBINA Foraminiferal assemblages and biostratigraphy of Palaeocene and Eocene of the South- East of Western Siberia. 61 Kimberley POOL and Michael A. KAMINSKI Evidence for precursors to the PETM displayed by the Palaeocene foraminiferal record. Mikropaleontologiya - Podobina Vera

Foraminifera and Late Cenomanian- Turonian biostratigraphy. Vera Podobina Tomsk State University. 634050 Russia; e- mail. Abstract The study of 114 core samples from seven borehole sections of the Van- Eganskaya area in the cen- tral part of Western Siberia yielded sufficient data to investigate the Late Cenomanian- Turonian foramini-. The Danian and Selandian calcareous benthic foraminiferal. Danian and Selandian successions in western Siberia are rich in calcareous benthic foraminifers. The assemblages with a constant systematic composition that have the widest lateral occurrence are distinguished as foraminiferal zones. Mikropaleontologiya - Podobina Vera

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