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The Castle in the Attic Novel StudyNumber of Pages. Approximate Word Count. Audible Book Length. 3 hrs and 30 mins. Courage and Trust. Family and Relationships. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

William travels back in time to England in the Middle Ages. The Castle in the Attic. Book Units TeacherActivity 1. Students create a foldable graphic organizer that goes over the steps for creating a bibliography. The organizer provides examples of five commonly used sources using the MLA format. Grab your free lesson in the unit sample here. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

Students create a bibliography with citations from four sources. Reading Activities for Any Book — Literacy IdeasPopplet is a mind mapping tool that allows you connect ideas together using images. Text and drawings. From a text you have recently read create a family tree or network diagram that explains the relationship the characters have to each other. Some may be father and son. Husband and wife or even arch enemies. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

‘ Messy attics of the mind’. What’ s inside a writer’ s. Scribbled observations. Dinner party conversations. Flashes of perception. Inspired by Henry James’ s jottings. Susie Boyt and Amit Chaudhuri share their note- taking habits. 20 Book Activities to Try With Grades 3- 5 - Then. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

Around the title. Draw several pictures with words underneath about the events that happened in the story. Create a comic strip of the main events that happened in your book. Be sure to draw balloons to accompany each picture with dialog from the characters. Choose three words from your book that you like the most. Castle in the Attic Teacher Guide. Format of the guides vary somewhat by grade level. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

But have some common elements. They begin with a synopsis of the book and its author and some pre- reading activities that serve both to provide background for the novel study and initiate student involvement and thinking about the story. Chapter by chapter. Multiple chapters. Lesson plans contain vocabulary words. Discussion questions. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

And suggested activities. Some guides also include writing ideas. Classroom Activities. 25 Book Report Alternatives. ScholasticWrite an acrostic poem about the book using the letters in the title of the book or the name of a character or author. Draw a classroom mural depicting a major scene. After reading an informational book. Make a scrapbook about the topics. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

These ideas were adapted from November. Story Ideas - Plot GeneratorRandom Story Idea. In a world where monkeys make the rules. One psychopath has no choice but to destroy the earth by becoming a world leader. Despite the psychopath& 39; s best efforts. The world ends and everybody dies. Generate Some More. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

The Picture of Dorian Gray - WikipediaThe Picture of Dorian Gray is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde. A shorter novella length version published complete in the July 1890 issue of the American periodical Lippincott& 39; s Monthly Magazine. A longer version was published as a book in April 1891. It was Wilde& 39; s only novel. What a Novel Idea - Activity Attic

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