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TULIPS Book — Andrew MiksysTULIPS book. $ 50 Signed first edition copy of TULIPS Hardcover. Embossed cover with plastic TULIPS logo 118 color photographs. Edition 1000 ISBNText by Laimonas Briedis Design by Claudia Ott Logo and cover design by Jura Shust Chosen by TATE Modern. London photo curator. Simon Baker as one of best photobooks of. Fremdsprachige BücherTulips. ISBNKostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Tulips - Andrew Miksys

TULIPS DELUXE BOX — Andrew MiksysTULIPS DELUXE BOX Edition of 50 boxes $ 500 Free Worldwide Shipping Each TULIPS Deluxe Edition Box contains the following items. Three signed and numbered 8x10 inch digital C- prints 2. One white ceramic Lenin bust 3. One vintage red Pione. TULIPS by Andrew Miksys — KickstarterAndrew Miksys is raising funds for TULIPS on Kickstarter. A self- published photography book by Andrew Miksys from his new series about Belarus. Tulips - Andrew Miksys

TULIPS Postcards — Andrew MiksysSet of 10 postcards from TULIPS project $ 9 Free Worldwide Shipping 6. TULIPS BAG — Andrew MiksysPrice. $ 15 + $ 5 shipping Worldwide Shipping Included in price Canvas bag with embroidered TULIPS logo. Handmade and sewn in Lithuania 15 x 14. Tulips by Andrew Miksys on VimeoTulips by Andrew Miksys. From Tipi Bookshop Plus. Tulips video from the kickstarter campaign Belarus is a country almost perfectly divided between east and west. To the east Russia seems to completely dominate everything. Tulips - Andrew Miksys

Eighty percent of the people in Belarus speak Russian instead of the native Belarusian. And when you decipher the name Belarus as White Rus or White Russia. Light WorkAndrew Miksys Tulips ARÖK Books. 164 pages with 118 color photographs ISBNFirst Edition Signed by the artist. Description Description “ Andrew Miksys began traveling regularly to Belarus in. To photograph Victory Day. A holiday celebrating the Soviet victory over fascism and Nazi Germany. During the celebration. Tulips - Andrew Miksys

— Andrew MiksysTULIPS Poster. $ 15 Free Worldwide Shipping 20 x16. ABOUT — Andrew MiksysAndrew Miksys is from Seattle. For the last 15 years he has been living in Vilnius. His photography has been shown internationally including exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum. Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre. The “ Ў” Gallery of Contemporary Art in Minsk. Tulips - Andrew Miksys

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