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Check spelling or type a new query. Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these. The MIT PressKate Eichhorn& 39; s Adjusted Margin is a marvelous media archaeology of the copy machine and the subcultures that proliferated around it over the last fifty years. A profound meditation on the fate of the & 39; recently outmoded& 39; in the age of digital replication. And a toolbox of strategies for activists working with the weird materiality of copies today. Adjusted Margin by Kate Eichhorn. How xerography became a creative medium and political tool. Adjusted Margin - Kate Eichhorn

Arming artists and activists on the margins with an accessible means of making their messages public. This is the story of how the. Art and Activism. The title of Kate Eichhorn’ s new book on how xerography’ s off- label use has impacted culture in the last quarter of the twentieth century. Refers to the specific possible action of shifting the visible boundaries of a page. Reframing a copy also hints at other active forms of editing that can occur that might engage the copy machine in expanded ways. Using this potential as a conceptual starting point. Adjusted Margin - Kate Eichhorn

And Activism in the Late. The xerographic copier adjusted the lived and imagined margins of society. By supporting artistic and political expression and mobilizing subcultural movements. Eichhorn describes early efforts to use xerography to create art and the occasional scapegoating of urban copy shops and xerographic technologies following political panics. Using the post- 9 11 raid on a Toronto copy shop as her central example. She examines New York& 39; s downtown art and punk scenes of the 1970s to. The MIT PressKate Eichhorn is Associate Professor and Chair of Culture and Media Studies at The New School. Adjusted Margin - Kate Eichhorn

She is the author of The End of Forgetting. Growing Up with Social Media. Art and Activism in the Late Twentieth Century. And The Archival Turn in Feminism. And Activism in the Late Twentieth Century. Kate Eichhorn on her book. Adjusted Margin - Kate Eichhorn

The End of Forgetting. Everyone has been producing a lot of data since the beginning of the pandemic. But the pandemic has also shown the limits of digital sociality. At the start of the pandemic. There was a false assumption that the two demographics that would likely be fine were adolescents and people in their early twenties. The assumption seemed to be that since young people spend so much time online. Adjusted Margin - Kate Eichhorn

Their lives will just continue as usual. In terms of mental. Kate Eichhorn - Associate Professor and Chair. Adjusted Margin The MIT Press Ma. Others named Kate Eichhorn. Kate Eichhorn Owner. And designer of Kaitlyn Nicole Photography & Design Harrison. Adjusted Margin - Kate Eichhorn

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